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At Home Rule, we empower families to direct their care needs within the structure of an accredited agency. We believe that giving parents autonomy regarding scheduling facilitates more control and flexibility, reduction in unmet needs, increased satisfaction with care and services, ultimately improving health, relationships, activities and quality of life for the child and the entire family.




Remove the barriers that keep you from the things that are important to you.


How is Home Rule different? Home Rule believes that communication between team members is essential. Did we say “team”? YES! We did. Continuity of care through a care team is essential for your loved one’s growth and development. Our ultimate goal is that our clients reach their full potential in all areas of life. 


A primary difference is that Home Rule families have the ability to reach out to nurses within our organization directly and create and manage their own schedules, with assistance from our caring and friendly staff whenever desired or necessary. We give you ALL the tools you need to manage your loved ones’ care schedule, to choose your own nurses from within our staff who best meet your needs. We are here to assist and facilitate twenty-four hours a day.

Families thrive in the Home Rule environment, where autonomy is key.

Caregiving is a full-time job. We believe that families should be able to access the benefits they are receiving. When you are understaffed, you lose that time:

sleeping time, working time, family time, restoration time- YOUR time.

Nurses Make the Difference


We believe that excellent nursing care is crucial to the well being of medically fragile clients.


Nurses thrive in the Home Rule environment, because Home Rule does more than fill a position. We create a team of professionals who work together to bring the best patient outcomes. 

We value our nurses and understand that their health, well-being, and education is as important as our clients, and offer competitive pay and benefits, as well as a supportive working environment.   

Better Care Starts with You!

 /hōm ˈro͞ol/

noun: home rule

  1. the government of a colony, dependent country, or region by its own citizens.

  2. autonomy, freedom, freedom of choice, individualism, noninterference, self-determination, self-direction

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Client services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation,

disability (mental or physical), or place of national origin.

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