IRS Publication 926
Household Employer's
Tax Guide For use
in 2020

We HIRE.  

Home Rule child caregivers are W-2 EMPLOYEES NOT 1099 CONTRACTORS. 

Did you know that most websites you may subscribe to when searching for a babysitter or nanny do not hire their child caregivers? Those websites host a database of people who claim to be child caregivers. MOST of the BIG websites you are familiar with do not screen the people they are promoting. Think of it - hiring a child caregiver to care for your most valuable and precious treasures, in no more of a protected manner than hiring a stranger from the street!


Home Rule PAYS W-2 wages, social security, and state and federal taxes. 

Did you know that by law, your babysitter or nanny is required to be an employee not an individual or 1099 subcontractor if you pay him or her $2,200 or more in a calendar year? Here are the details. 



Home Rule INSURES our employees with General Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance. 

Because the sitters you find on those other sites are not employees, they are also uninsured. What would happen if the sitter was injured on the job, broke something valuable in your home, or stole something? You would be liable. We fully insure all our employees so we can provide services to you safely. Whew! That’s a load off your back!  


Home Rule SCREENS our employees.

We carefully, thoroughly and personally screen the caregivers we send to work with your children through: 

  • Background Check 

  • Sex Offender Check 

  • Driving Record Check 

  • Interview 

  • References 


Home Rule TRAINS our child caregivers. 

Every child caregiver undergoes thorough training and testing in each aspect of safe and excellent child care giving. Our child caregivers are also all CPR and First Aid Certified.  

We CREATE a  Service Plan.

Home Rule caregivers follow a service plan you create including your goals and daily schedule. 

You can view your caregiver's notes daily upon arrival home and also in your HIPAA compliant online documents , fostering more connection to your child’s daily achievements, activities and adventures.  


Home Rule OVERSEES child caregivers daily. 


Our caregivers complete documentation daily on the aspects that are most important to you.

We hold caregivers accountable for work excellence and following your service plan. We review completed caregiver documentation and offer suggestions/correction as needed. 






Home Rule provides a SUPPORTIVE work environment. 

We believe that every human being is valuable, and we strive to create a positive supportive environment for our staff. We foster our core values of Impact, Integrity, Compassion, Growth and Excellence through conversation, training and other tangible methods of support.  


Home Rule TAKES THE WORK OUT of finding and managing your caregiver. 

We hire for you and personally select each caregiver you meet. Your time is too valuable to sort through unprofessional profiles of strangers who frequently don’t respond on those other companies' websites. Let us lighten the load. We'll do the sorting, screening and holding staff accountable so that you will have more time for you and yours.

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